Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keep on Walking --Success is There!

"If one advances confidently in the
direction of his dreams, and endeavors
to live the life he has imagined,
he will meet with a success
unexpected in common hours." --Anonymous

This is exactly what motivated me to start this blog in the first place. When you are on the path of a 'regular' career, you kind of know what to expect ahead. There are some surprises along the way, pleasant and not so pleasant, but you can start as a mail boy and get to be the big boss, right? A winding road, but a road nonetheless.

When you decide to step aside the rat race, and see life eye to eye, ask yourself what motivates and revitalizes you, what would you do with your life if you didn't need the money...and you come up with an answer like "I want to help others," "I want to heal myself and help others heal," "I want to work on my soul," "I want to foster whatever brings Light to this world..." you know, anything related to the spiritual path, then you are at a place of "no maps."

Well, you have your soul map, and that is more reliable than any career, university or big company map, but... do you know how to read it? Do you even know where to find it!!

Luckily, when you trust that map is there, when you trust you are being guided, and let go of the tension and the smothering NEED to know it all beforehand, to control every little tiny detail, then the map comes to light, even if it is only through small, vanishing glimpses... At least you know it is there. Whatever brings warmth to your heart, whatever lights your passion up, whatever sparkles your creativity, and brings tears of joy to your eyes... that's the Universe speaking softly to you in its unique language. Those are the bits and pieces of your new road, the golden compass to your soul map.

Your intuition, your dreams are the beacons guiding you through the darkness. Follow through with them, and expect miracles to come your way. Of course it is scary to move forward not knowing where you are going, but the beauty of this is you don't need to be aware of the destination for this to work. Rather, you should allow the flow to guide you to places yet unknown, for the Universe has this amazing way of surprising us with rewards higher than the ones we even imagined to have!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Open to the Divine Flow of Abundance 7/13/2010 - Magnetic Wealth | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Who can really have enough of learning and practicing how to let go of old beliefs and open up to receiving the abundance and prosperity that are our born right? A great, down to Earth show, on how to tackle this. Thank you, Nan! Click the link below to listen.

Open to the Divine Flow of Abundance 7/13/2010 - Magnetic Wealth | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Get Noticed in the Virtual Society?

No lurking allowed... All is thunder and lightning if you want people to notice you there. Let's say, I've been in the social networks for quite some time to realize that, in order to get a presence, you must do a number of things. Communication is the key. Here are a few tips to improve your *visibility*:

  • Target your audience carefully. Sometimes, the more the merrier seems to be just fine, but if you want people to become interested in your services, you need to network with people that could, at some point, benefit from what you have to offer. They are more likely to click on your profile more often than someone who does not care for your product or service.

  • Insist. Do not just post a message once in a while. If you want people to think of you, let them become used to your regular contribution. Also, if you are networking with people from various countries, you can post the same message twice or thrice a day at different times of the day, so it will be fresh on your readers' news page when they are online. If your post gets lost in the myriad of posts that a reader accumulated during his/her sleeping hours, there is little chance he/she will see it. So, insist... but don't overdo it or you risk being *hidden* by your readers!

  • Offer value. Whatever your services, tell things that are really useful, or interesting, or informative to your readers. Don't just say what you had for lunch, unless that is an introduction to some juicy debate that might be started by it. It is OK to just *socialize,* of course, this is social networks we are talking about, but a little meat here and there won't hurt the bone, would it?

  • Include links to your website or blog in your posts. That way, your readers can easily go visit you with just a click.

  • Be yourself! One of the most enriching experiences of gathering together in social networks is the possibility of sharing with people from all over the world --different cultures, different upbringing, different views of the world. Share your uniqueness with the rest of this Oneness that holds us all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quitting your 9 to 5 Job to Go Spiritual?

If you are like me, you probably have been thinking about quitting your job --9 to 5, or whatever regular job you have been doing this far-- because you want to just do work that is meaningful, not only to you, but (you figure) to the whole world.

I guess thinking we can put in our 2 cents to save the world, or at least, make it better, leaves us with a sweet flavor in our mouth.

But, then, our head gets in the way, and our fears and doubts start blurring that beautiful landscape we had pictured before, and all seems to fall apart.

But maybe you kept on dreaming and fantasizing... until you are certain, by now, that you definitely have to make some kind of move and step into the unknown, yet familiar world of the spiritual community. You have been working so hard on yourself, taking out layers and layers of karmic weight off your shoulders. You must have learnt something along the process, right?

Somehow, you feel ready to share this with others. To network with like-minded people, to share and uplift. Great!!

I also feel that way, and a big smile comes to my face when I think of this. But... (and I don't want to say "there is always a 'but'," yet there is one here!) you wonder how on Earth (or Heaven) you are going to support yourself and pay the bills.

If you are like me, you are past your twenties and you probably have been specializing all your life in something that might seem a little out of place now that the spiritual issue came in the way. What led you into the spiritual path? God (and you) knows. Anyway, we meet here, at the same crossroads.

I am sure this specialization would come in handy once you figure out your role in this new world (let's say, new as a place to do *business,* to *earn a living*). Because, if you think like me, sure you can continue to work for your boss or your regular non-spiritual clients, and just work on your soul in your free time, or work even harder and try to achieve the Zen bliss even when your boss is standing before you or your client is demanding your attention. Achievable? Yes! But, I want more. I want my work life to reflect my spirit in all its aspects. So... I want to WORK ('cause I have to earn a living, that's out of the question) FOR THE SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY and not any other. I want to put my efforts into something that is sooo worthwhile it leaves me floating in the air.

I saw Julie & Julia the other day. Julie's blogging challenge made me want to attempt a challenge myself. Only this would not be about cooking, but about sharing my soul searching with you. Today is July 9, 2010. Like Julie, I'll put a hallmark of one year from now to see what I (we) come up with. I don't have a recipe book to follow, but I am sure we will have one at the end of this experience. One that we can share with the rest of those who are in this same position.

I would love to see your comments. Blessings.